Inside Games!

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Sometimes you’re not able to make it out and about and after so long of being stuck inside surely your kid’s attitudes will reflect that! Need a little bit of some different ideas to keep them occupied , try some of our personal favorites!

Dance Party!
Turn all the lights down and turn up the music! This is one of our favorite activities to do right before nap time, if the kiddos can’t slow down. My kids love having a ‘flash light freeze dance party’. Everyone gets a flash light to dance with and mama is in charge of the music. It’s fun to see what poses my little guys come up with when the music freezes. It gets the most giggles of any game in our house!

Restaurant & inside picnics:
This one is great around meal times. Have your children take orders from each other and then do your best to prepare said meal. Often times we have to use our imagination (since we don’t drink pop with lunch! Or have brownie sandwiches! Despite how awesome that would be!). We also will have a living room picnic and I’ll put scenic pictures onto the TV and then we talk about all the fun places we had lunch that day. It makes a great dinner conversation!

Movie Theater:
Another good inside cloudy day activity. Find a fun movie to put onto the tube, fill the living room with pillows and blankets and have fun! Often times I’ll let the kids take the cushions off the couch and use those for their “theater seats”. It makes a super fun movie date complete with popcorn or other assorted snacks! Want to make it more fun, add a tent before watching your movie and then view it from your tent location. 9 times out of 10 my kids end up falling asleep in the tent and we just rolled play time and nap time into one thing!

My almost 4 year old is just starting to get into playing school with me and his younger sister. We set up our chalk board and he goes to town teaching me all about ‘his’ shapes. We then have to do our ‘homework’ and recreate the shapes. It’s great to help him learn how to write and draw. It also expands his imagination when we try to have a guess game of what mommy and sister are drawing on our homework! If you’ve got older kids, try to switch off who gets to be the teacher and who gets to be the student.

I am hardly the baker in the family, don’t tell but that’s my husband’s job! However, if I’m feeling like the kids need a bath I let them get their hands a little dirty! They have a great time staying indoors and making some things. This is also a great way to incorporate math and measuring skills while you’re at it! Nothing says a snow day from school can’t be educational still!