GIVEAWAY: For Names Sake Nursery Decor

fornamesake (500 x 141) fornamessake2 (500 x 175)

I can’t tell you how much I love decorating my children’s nursery. With both kids, I knew I wanted their names in the nursery one way or another. The current big trend is having their names in wooden letters decorated to match their nursery bedding and I decided that is what I was going to do! I was on a mission. I set out to find the perfect supplies and ended up finding the perfect person to do them for me! For Names Sake is owned by a wonderful mama named D’Ahn and she specializes in custom letters and arts for your room!

For my son Jacob, we went with her block letters. There are two different fonts for you to pick from (one that’s more girlie and one that is more boyish). She hand paints the letters to match ANY room décor. When we got my son’s letters, he didn’t have any bedding per say, but his theme was racecar. We had blues and reds in his room and that’s the information I gave her. From there, she did her amazing work and made a masterpiece! Jacob’s letters came ready to hang! They are the most adorable things I had ever seen and Jacob absolutely LOVED THEM!

When I got pregnant with #2 I knew exactly where I was going for my daughter’s nursery décor. This time, we did something different. We picked thing canvas hung on a ribbon and strung along like a banner. For my daughter’s bedding, I simply sent her a picture or two of what it looked like. From there, she picked elements from the bedding and again, did her magic! When I got Aubree’s banner it was amazing. The colors matched SO spot on I couldn’t even believe it. The attention to detail was perfect. I didn’t even have to tell her what I wanted, she just did it and it was absolutely beautiful. I probably couldn’t have picked better details myself!

For Names Sake offers many other things outside of children’s room letters. She can paint almost anything to match any décor. Her other specialty is painting canvas shoes! She does the most adorable child and adult painted Tom shoes. She can get them in any sizes and then paints them to match whatever you want. Her talent is endless! All of her products are top notch and her paints are rich bright colors that will last the test of time. I can’t tell you enough how you need to head over and check out her shop. She’s got an etsy shop and a Facebook link that she can be contacted through: simply search ‘FOR NAMES SAKE’ and you’ll pull her pages right up.

This just in! For Names Sake is doing a giveaway via our website! Want to be the lucky winner: check out the details below!


For Names Sake is offering one lucky Celeb Baby Laundry reader the chance to win either one (1) 12” letter or one(1) 16×20” custom painted canvas (which would be SO cute for a birth announcement, child’s name or family name!).

All you need to do is leave us some love below and let us know what you think of For Names Sake and Celeb Baby Laundry and one comment will be chosen at random! The winner will be posted here so please don’t forget to check back.

The contest end April 1st, 2013 11:59 EST!

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