Kim Kardashian Tries To Wear Stylish Maternity Wear That Makes Her Look Good

Kim Kardashian Tries To Wear Stylish Maternity Wear That Makes Her Look Good

Kim Kardashian continues to try and impress Kanye West in her new maternity jeans to stay sexy for her beau. The 32-year old reality star has been rumored to be totally depressed about her recent weight gain during pregnancy and feels like Kanye no longer shows the affection he used to, before he knocked her up, and of course, before her body started changing.

So, in hopes that Kanye will still look at her the same way before she had a little baby girl growing inside her, Kardashian has found a new clothing line that happen to sell normal-sized jeans which any pregnant woman will easily be able to fit into due to their stretchy side panels in the front, allowing an expecting mother to be comfortable, yet also stylish at the same time.

The J Brand jeans seem to be a massive favorite for Kim, who shared on her blog: “They are absolutely amazing. I feel like I’m back to my old self and I’m so happy! With this being my first pregnancy I’ve been finding it really difficult to find clothes that are comfortable and fit me well, but these are great.”

Though we have never actually seen the reality star in a pair of jeans in the last recent weeks makes us quickly think that this is just another stupid endorsement deal that Kris Jenner had signed her daughter up to promote. Ugh! I don’t understand why she won’t wear them if they are “so comfortable”.

She told DuJour magazine on having to change her style now that her baby bump is starting to get bigger and bigger: “I think because I have big boobs it could make me look heavier if I don’t, like, show off my waist or something. So I just have kind of learned to dress one way only.”