Rachel Zoe Spends a Creative Day With Family

Rachel Zoe Spends The Day Out And About With Her Family

Rachel Zoe spent the day out and about with her husband Rodger and their son Skyler in Beverly Hills, California on Monday (Jan. 21).

The family first stopped at a ceramic painting shop where Zoe helped the 22-month-old pick out his favourite cermaic design. After painting, they went for a stroll before picking up frozen yogurt.

The fashion designer says she no longer sweats the small stuff since giving birth to her son.

“I think the first thing that happens when you become a mom is you really don’t get that dramatic about things that don’t matter,” Zoe told People.

Getting messy is no longer a concern for the stylist, who simply wears,

“more black because I tend to get things spilled on me all the time. I need my clothes to be more durable and a little less precious.”

Adds Zoe, “I usually keep a backup something in the trunk of my car. I also think the beauty of being a designer is that I have my collection in my office and I have my collection in my home, so I tend to do a lot of quick changes and carry around baby wipes.”

Image Credit: Fame/Flynet