Kim Kardashian Gets Much Needed Maternity Style Advice

Kim Kardashian Gets Much Needed Maternity Style Advice

I’ve written before that Kim Kardashian desperately needs to class up her maternity wardrobe. Her two worst looks have been skin tight and overly revealing – the nightmare New Year’s pleather doily and the follow up blue cut out embellished condom she wore in Miami. Both were horrible. Doing a pregnancy cover shoot wearing nothing but skin and strategically placed hands (a la Demi Moore) is daring – walking around with your gestating bits leaking out of revealing dresses is trashy. Kanye West has been doing his best to clean up Kim’s fashion act, but she needs a professional intervention.

But now maternity designer, pregnancy expert, and star of Bravo’s “Pregnant in Heels” Rosie Pope is handing out advice to Kim on how she can be stylish throughout her pregnancy and avoid the fashion mis-steps she’s been making that have made her the butt of criticism (mine and thousands more). Pope told Stylecaster, “Kim has a fabulously curvy figure that will work beautifully with a lot of maternity clothes.” I’m sure that’s true – I even advised she look to the maternity style of other petite beauties Reese Witherspoon, Alyson Hannigan and her own sis Kourtney Kardashian for inspiration.

Rosie advises Kim buy styles adapted to her bump and expanding curves and says, “She should make sure to keep her signature whites, laces, and leathers, and continue revealing her best assets (just not all of them at once!).” Pope says Kim is a style icon who needs to set her own maternity style. She added, “I know she’s been wearing a lot of black recently, but I would love to see her in my Long Sleeve Cinched Dress in a bright shade like Poppy or Deep Iris. If she wants to show off a bit more cleavage, I think the Catherine Dress would be a great option—slinky, with a deep but classic neckline.

Pope may be an expert, but I do disagree with one piece of advice she has for Kim. Pope told Stylecaster, “The key is my maternity style mantra: ‘If you wouldn’t wear it before, don’t wear it now.’  While Kim is shopping for maternity clothes, she should simply stay true to this mantra and buy pieces that suit her style, but are adapted to fit her bump and growing curves.” My problem is that some of the clothing Kim was wearing before she never should have been wearing. And Kanye thinks so too – he even cleaned out her closet of all her sluttier clothing in an effort to class her up!

Please Kanye – take your baby mama maternity shopping and get her into something more flattering and appropriate. If Kim decides to do a revealing cover shoot, that’s fine – but in the meantime, she needs to keep all her growing bits and bobs covered up!