GIRLS Star Jemima Kirke Gives Birth To Second Child, A Son Called Memphis

Her character Jessa on the HBO hit show GIRLS may not seem like the maternal type (in an interview she confessed, “I’ll probably be freaking out on the inside, but I’d like my kids to feel like capable and independent human beings. I’m here for guidance or if they need me; I’m not going to tell them who they should be.“), but Jemima Kirke is fully in touch with her mommy side. The 27-year-old gave birth to her second child last week, a son called Memphis. This makes two for her and hubby Michael Mosberg have a two-year-old daughter called Rafaella. The news was welcomed by GIRLS creator and star Lena Dunham, who sent out a tweet: “Yesterday was amazing. One of my friends had a baby, one got engaged and the doctor told me the bump on my tongue is nothing to worry about.” Jemima and Lena have been close friends since high school in New York City.

The young mom had no idea if the baby would be a boy or a girl, and opened up in an interview describing her parenting plan. “If I have a boy, I’ll probably just tell him to be nice to women. Being humble and sweet is the hardest thing you can do. Stay confident and don’t act desperate, because I guarantee whomever you’re into actually sucks way more than you think they do. There is always something they’re not telling you that will bring them down a notch in your eyes.” She imagines having a daughter and explains, “I would love for her to date guys. I guess I’d just let her do her own thing and hopefully she’d feel comfortable enough to talk to me so I can offer advice.”

Her role on GIRLS is largely inspired by her own history, so it isn’t a stretch to imagine a real life version of Adam, her best friend’s on screen boyfriend. “If my son turned out like that I’d actually be proud! He’s a smart and intuitive guy once you get to know him, but he’s really dark and that can be incredibly seductive and potent. I’d be worried if my daughter ended up with someone like that and would hope she was in a good place prior to getting involved, because that type of darkness can destroy a person.” Jemima seems like she’s quite confidant (or at least sure of) her role as a mother, and we offer our congratulations on her second child–so long as it doesn’t interfere with GIRLS!

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