Drew Barrymore: My Dogs Are So “Protective” of Olive

Drew Barrymore visits "The Late Show with David Letterman"

Drew Barrymore is not only a mommy to 10-week-old baby daughter Olive, but two beautiful dogs named Douglas and Oliver.

The actress insists having two dogs with a baby is not difficult and they are actually very attached to her.

“They’re so protective of her. They’re so sweet,” she tells People. “And Douglas, the little blonde one, just comes and licks [Olive’s] head, and it’s just so goofy and silly and I always say, ‘Douglas, is this your baby?’ “

“He’s literally sitting [and] looking out the window,” she adds, “in, like, a guard dog position.”

When bringing their little bundle of joy home from the hospital, Barrymore and her husband Will Kopelman made sure to get their dogs accustomed to smell of another family member.

“We brought her stuff home to them to sniff and play with,” she tells. “I put her with them right away. I was holding her and protective but there are all these wonderful studies that kids that grow up with dogs have better immunities because of the dander and the pollen. And it’s a proven fact that dogs just improve the quality of your life.” 

The couple welcomed Olive on, September 26, in Los Angeles.