Skidders: The Best Invention Ever!

For a long time I had seen these goofy looking shoe/sock things and thought to myself “$12.99 for a stupid pair of socks? Geezh! heck no!”. Well, let me tell you what a great purchase these were. I happened to find mine on a last minute trip to Walgreens right before we left for a labor day weekend road trip, they were half off! I bought a pair for my daughter in the pink and a pair for my son in navy. I figured for the $5 they cost me, if they went in the trash the minute the trip was over no harm done! I had figured these would be good for our kiddos as they are much more comfortable than a shoe but have the rubbery bottom so they can wear them in and out of gas stations.

Once I got them home we tried them on and they fit great! They run very true to size. My daughter wears a shoe size 4 and I got her a 4 in the Skidders. My son is in about a 7.5 right now and although an 8 shoe is slightly too large the size 8 Skidders were a perfect fit.  My kiddos have FAT/wide feet and these were wonderful. A lot of shoes have a hard time fitting my kids and since these have a nice stretchy top that wasn’t an issue! My kids in fact wore them for our road trip and they worked out perfectly. They stayed on the whole trip; no fishing for shoes at rest stops! They are a bit tight in the ankle and leave marks on my kiddos legs, but again, I have chunkier kids and they’ve never once complained!

I loved the rubber bottoms with the no slip grips. My house has hard wood floors and these are WONDERFUL for these colder temps. Slippers, in my opinion, often don’t have enough grip on the bottom to really be effective. Since the whole sole of these are rubber they are much more effective being non-slip. Again the sock like top keeps the kids happy and their feet warm. They are great for new walkers too! So far we have no complaints and the only things I can find is that people will sometimes comment on the sock material snagging. I have also heard of people washing these and again, haven’t tried that yet. My daughter wears her Skidders 5 out of 7 days, usually for the whole day and loves to sleep in them and we have no signs of dirt at all! The rubber bottoms are showing wear but nothing alarming and if I were to resale them I would list them in a ‘nearly new’ condition. Although my children have worn them outside it hasn’t been for extended periods of time and not on concrete surfaces so I’m not sure how they will hold up. We have though, worn them on several shopping trips around town and I get compliments on them every time we go out (and we don’t even have the fun patterns!). There is a pattern/print/style for everyone so you really can’t go wrong. My kiddos will be getting several pairs this winter in the Christmas stockings! Make sure to check out the other products in the Skidders line!

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