Rachel Zoe Enjoys A Shopping Day With Her Happy Tot

Rachel Zoe shops on Robertson Blvd. with her son Skyler in Beverly Hills, CA on October 12th, 2012.

Rachel Zoe spent the day shopping on Robertson Blvd. with her 1-year-old son Skyler in Beverly Hills, CA on Friday. The fashion stylist turned designer wore her signature black attire while hitting up Kitson to buy some clothes and toys for Skyler.

Skyler looked happy while running and giggling from the store.  Perhaps, he was excited by the huge giraffe toy his mom had bought him at the store.

Zoe admitted that she felt like she had to wait “100 years” to have a baby due to her busy career.

“There’s a reason why I waited 100 years to have a baby, because I knew what a challenge it would be and what it would take,” she revealed to the British Vogue.

“I’m not there [at work] 100 percent of the time like I was in the last decade, I can’t be, but I don’t need to be. I have the most incredibly devoted, hardest-working team and there isn’t a bad seed in that lot.”

The stylist says she has now taken a step back and is no longer as scared of making mistakes.

“I just don’t sweat things the way I used to,” she explained.

Did your career make having children hard?

Image Credit: Fame/Flynet