Mommy Savings: We Love Amazon Mom!

Amazon Mom

It’s likely that you’ve heard of Amazon, most likely purchased from Amazon. First off, if you haven’t tried Amazon you should; they’ve got thousands of products new and used at sometimes great prices. Often times shipping is free if you buy directly from Amazon. I hadn’t heard of Amazon Mom until a mommy friend of mine mentioned using it. She was talking about getting diapers at cheap prices and some other stuff, but she lost me at cheaper diapers! I mean let’s think, who doesn’t love cheaper diapers! By singing up for the Amazon Mom you get additional discounts on top of the subscribe and save prices!

Let me explain how it works.

First make an Amazon account if you haven’t already. Then start searching.. let’s start with diapers. Simply type what brand of diapers you’d like in the Amazon search bar, if you’d like to be able to compare all the diapers simply type in diapers. Then you’re going to be looking for the “subscribe and save” line of pricing. Once you decide what diapers you’d like you select them. In order to receive the additional discounts you need to set up their subscribe and save. This enables you to select how many boxes you want shipped and what intervals you want them shipped at (monthly wise). So, let’s say you pick a Huggies diaper and you set it up for one box every two months. And all the sudden about 6 weeks into your 2 month shipment you run out of diapers, simply log onto your Amazon account and select to have another box shipped early. Not ready for your box at 2 months? It will skip your default of 2 months and put you back on track. Amazon will also send you emails reminding you when you next shipment is about to go and will allow you to cancel or change it at that point. It’s also very simple to change what sizes you may need as baby grows. If you want to change products that’s easily as simple, go in and cancel your first subscription at any point and start up a new one.

I hear the grumbles now, “Huggies really?! I’m not putting that _______ (insert your favorite word for something you hate) on my kids!” Don’t worry, they have lots of eco-friendly brands too. Baby products can include wipes, food and everything in between. I know lots of moms who even like to get formula off of Amazon mom.

The two day FREE shipping makes it all worth it too! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put that last diaper on one of my kids and prayed to the non-pooping gods that they don’t have a midnight explosion so I can run to the store first thing in the morning and get more diapers. OOPSEY! Amazon mom, however, has saved me!

Amazon also offers many other subscribe and save choices down to laundry soap and paper towels! This may seem silly but for someone who doesn’t have a car or uses public transportation to grocery shop it can be a big help when you don’t have to lug around toilet paper and paper towels and detergents along with your necessity groceries!

If you haven’t already, check it out!