New Mother Fears

Becoming a new mother is a beautiful thing, but it can also be quite scary! So many things you never had to worry about are now keeping you up at night! Here are some common new mother fears.

Kidnappers – let’s face it. All those CSI episodes may have made you a stellar investigator, but they have also placed a lot of irrational fears in your mind. While kidnapping is a very real issue, and you can never be too careful, a 2002 Department of Justice study (the most recent national numbers available) showed that of approximately 797,500 children reported missing over the course of a year, only 115 were kidnapped by strangers. So the odds are in your favor. Still, I know I keep my kid on a monkey leash, because hide n seek isn’t funny when yo don’t know if your kid is under a rack of clothes or snatched by a child molester.

SIDS – it is such a scary thing. You have a beautiful baby and you just can’t imagine life without them. Then all you hear is about SIDS. No reason, no justification. It sucks. Awareness is up and the number of SIDS is going down. But that doesn’t reduce the fear from your mind. “Experts say the most important thing you can do is to put your baby to sleep on his back, on a firm mattress free of pillows or heavy coverings, in a crib in his parents’ room (and keep your baby away from smokers).”

Not being a good mom – We all face this. We are scared we will make the wrong choices, not be good enough, strong enough, wise enough. But do everything out of love to the absolute best of your abilities, and your child will know that they are loved and you made the best decision you could for them at that time.

What are some of the new mother fears you have had?