Jenna Fischer’s Charitable Family

Jenna Fischer and husband Lee Kirk take their son Weston grocery shopping at Ralph's in Los Angeles, California on September 1, 2012.Jenna Fischer is teaching her son the act of giving at a young age!

The Office star and her husband Lee Kirk spent the day with their 11-month-old son Weston in Los Angeles, Ca on Saturday. They were spotted leaving Ralph’s grocery store after picking up a bag full of food. On the way out they stopped to speak to a needy family asking for money in order to feed their baby and pay their rent.  Being parents, Fisher and her husband sympathized with family and gave them some money.

Fischer recently revealed the biggest surprise about being a mom is the laughs.

“My husband and I are so entertained by his antics,” she told Babble. “We have so many little inside jokes. Weston loves to make us laugh. If we laugh at something he’s done, he will repeat it again and again until we are all laughing together.”

Image Credit: Fame /Flynet