Nursing While Baby Wearing

So, it’s National Breast Feeding week. This caused me to think a little bit about my trails and tribulations as a breast feeding mother.

Both of my children breast feed very well. In fact, the second we walk into the doctor’s office, the nurse says “he looks like a breast fed baby” because he is so huge.

But I have discovered one thing that is a blessing with my second son: nursing while baby wearing. This is huge because my babies want to nurse pretty much every hour or so. That means I can’t have a life in the first several months. I am literally stuck sitting on the couch with a nursing pillow all day–until now.

I just strap on the ergo-baby carrier and nurse while walking around. I can use a little nursing cover that goes around my neck and drapes over him, but he is strapped in upright facing me, and he is HAPPY.

It keeps him fed, stops him from fussing, and makes it possible for me to at least be able to go out every once in a while.

A lot of times being a nursing mother makes you feel trapped, but try this method and see if you get a little relief. Take being a mommy completely mobile.