Katie Couric: “Sometimes I Think I Should Have Had Six Kids”

Katie Couric in Good Housekeeping

In the September issue of Good Housekeeping, Katie Couric admits opens up about raising daughters Ellie and Carrie and the challenges of getting older.

“I love being around my kids. I’m not a particularly solitary person. I like a big, chaotic household — noise, commotion, laughter!” Couric tells the magazine. “Sometimes I think I should have had six kids. Or I wish I’d had one [more] at 37, but I was busy. My career.”

Currently in the midst of menopause, Couric is keenly aware that her childbearing years are behind her. “I was happy to stave it off until I was 55,” she laughs. “When you’re younger, you dread your period, and when you’re older, you want to give it a big hug. You think, ‘I’ve still got it goin’ on!’ Anyway, I think those days are over.”

Couric admits that she has “total child lust when I see little kids” because it makes the experience more real. “I think emotionally and psychologically, it’s weird to feel like, ‘Gosh, my childbearing years are over.’ And of course they’ve been over for a long time, but still, they’re officially over now. It’s kind of a head trip, to tell you the truth.”

Getting older, Couric admits, isn’t always easy. “Being in the last half of your life is very scary. Turning 55 was more of a wake-up call on that front for me than 50 was.”

“The beauty of aging is, the more wrinkles you get, the fewer you can see,” she tells Good Housekeeping. “I know it sounds corny, but I think the key to staying young is having joy inside you; being a caring, loving, generous person; and [having] a sense of humor.”