Who Are The Best and Worst Celebrity Moms? (Photo)

Who Are The Best and Worst Celebrity Moms?

The current issue of Star Magazine features the cover story ‘Report Card – Best and Worst Moms.’  While Sandra Bullock earns an A+ for motherhood we have Christina Aguilera coming in with an overly generous D+.  We got a taste of just how cruel and self-centered Christina is by watching her on ‘The Voice‘ this past season.  Not only did she get called a ‘total biatch’ by The Wanted but she even managed to hate on cute little Justin Bieber.

We also have toyboy buying Jennifer Lopez coming in with a C- and no doubt she deserves no more than that, maybe less. Jennifer is so wrapped up in herself and her man-child Casper Smart that she has little time for her twins – as the cover implies, they would probably rather just be with their nannies.  J.Lo. is all about J.Lo.  Children need love and lots of attention from their parents – good luck getting that from Jennifer and their father, Marc Anthony.

Angelina Jolie also gets slapped with a C- but Star is basing her mark on the junk food diet on which she feeds her brood.  Nonsense – we think Angelina is a devoted mother who takes great care of her kids and provides them with a real family life along with Brad Pitt.  So what if they eat like other Americans?

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