Packing For The Hospital Or Birth Center: What Not To Forget!!

When prepping for your little bundle of joy to arrive, the hospital or birth bag is a priority on the list. It may surprise you how little you actually need. After doing both a hospital and a birth center birth, I have learned that less is more.

For most things like toiletries and such, both places will provide most of these things anyway. You will want to be sure you have the following items no matter what.

Pillow – You want to be sure you’re as comfortable as possible and pillows can make or break it when all your doing is laying in a bed (for the most part).

Sports bra or Nursing Bra and underwear – these will not be provided and you will want to be sure they are comfortable!

Snacks – you will need them – and you will and not want to run out for them.

Camera – a MUST!!! You want to remember these special moments!

Receiving blanket – you will want to be sure to bring a few along with a going home outfit for your new sweetheart.

Diapers – the hospital will provide them but the birthing center will not. Best to bring your own, especially if you have a brand preference.

Nursing pillow – this is a total life saver and a necessity for comfort, IMO.

Carseat – you can’t leave with your bundle of joy from either place without it, so don’t forget it!!!

What are necessities that you must have?

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