Pregnancy Nesting Tips

When I was pregnant I believe I nested for the last two months. Nesting is the strong, uncontrollable urge to get things ready and in order for your new arrival. I swear I made list after list, I reorganized the closets, the bedrooms, the office, the playrooms, the kitchen cupboards, the pantry – you name it, and it was done.
I crossed off, tore up, and remade list after list, until even I could find nothing more to do! In the final days before I gave birth, the hardest part was keeping everything in order after having done all that work. With a toddler, a teenager, and a husband, it can be a challenge.


Here are somethings I did while nesting that helped the most after birth:

Cook ahead of time – and freeze those meals or individual portions. This is especially important if you have other children. Your partner will be too tired to cook, and you do not want to eat out every night. Take the time to make some nutritious meals and snacks.


Stock up – make sure you have diapers, wipes, and anything that goes quickly. Also cans of soup, pasta, things that you can make easily. You don’t want to have to run to the store.


Have your bag packed – this I actually didn’t do this time around. And it totally screwed us up. I was worried that I would not go into labor because I was too prepared. Silly, I know. So when my water broke and I was to meet my midwife at the birth center at 1 – we didn’t get there till 3 because we weren’t packed. Thankfully it turned out okay, but it could have been a disaster.


REST – seriously, everyone says it, no one does it. It is hard – you are excited, there are things to do, but you will be so tired in those first few days, and resting ahead of time will definitely help.


Don’t stress –  relax, it is an exciting time, so enjoy it!