Nursing Positions

Yesterday I talked about milk engorgement and how I dealt with it, so I wanted to follow up with my favorite nursing positions. The regular cradle nurse can get old and switching it up can make nursing easier, especially when dealing with engorgement. The football position is extremely easy, and I love the way my little guy snuggles against my body in this position.

I also enjoy nursing while laying on my side. We are a co-sleeping family, and I find we all get more rest this way. I had bought an Arms Reach co-sleeper, and the baby uses it occasionally. But he will only go an hour or so in it. We are buying another king bed this weekend so we will have a giant bed. Bringing the baby into bed allows me to nurse while still laying and resting, the baby goes 2-3 hours without nursing as opposed to an hour, and my toddler doesn’t get woken by the baby’s cries cause I can start nursing before he gets all worked up!

What nursing position works best fir you?