Vanessa Minnillo Lachey wishes she could share more with Nick

Vanessa Minnillo Lachey wishes she could share more with Nick0430Vanessa Minnillo Lachey is as excited as any new mother experiencing all the wonderful nuances of her first pregnancy. The 31-year-old host just wishes her husband, Nick Lachey, could experience them too. She recently took to Twitter to let all her followers in on her newest pregnancy adventures. She tweeted, “One of the most Amazing, Exciting, Beautiful feelings in the world, is ur baby moving in ur belly. I wish @NickSLachey could feel this…” (sic)

He might not be able to feel the baby kicking  but, everyone knows, Minnillo’s got herself a good one with Nick. In addition to helping her nest around the house, he’s also keeping up with his end of the housework.

“One of the reasons of why I married him, along with all the other amazing qualities he has, is that he’s such a great partner. We share a lot of duties. He’s a good Cincinnati, mid-western boy. He does the dishes, he does his laundry, and we share all the duties in the house. We realize it’s a partnership. It’s not 50-50. It’s 100% on my end and 100% on his end.”

This couple seem like such a cute match and will be great parents. Minnillo says the secret to their success is patience and respect.

“This whole process is going on in our first year of marriage, which everyone says is the hardest. But for us, we dated each other for five years before we got married so we were comfortable with all of the little things that would normally get into people’s way. I think the important thing is patience, communication, understanding, and knowing when you are wrong. We all react and say things but it’s all about coming back and saying you’re sorry. It’s about knowing this is the person you will be married to for the rest of your life. There is nothing unforgivable, he is my partner, you know?” 

What do you guys think? Think this couple can handle the spotlight and go the distance? I’m thinking so!

Image credit: FameFlynet Pictures