Kourtney Kardashian Suffers From Pregnancy Claustrophobia

Pregnant birthday girl Kourtney Kardashian, fiance Scott Disick and son Mason arriving on a flight at Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, California on April 18, 2012. Kourtney was celebrating her 32nd birthday todayPregnant Kourtney Kardashian suffered a claustrophobia attack on Wednesday as she went through customs at Los Angeles International Airport. Kardashian told via her twitter account:

 “Wow claustrophobia attack in customs at the airport. Not fun. Ahhhhh deep breath!”

Apparently, Kourtney has been suffering from claustrophobia since getting pregnant for the second time.

 “Deep breath. Been struggling a little with claustrophobia … any other preggos feel that way too?”

Did you have claustrophobia problems while pregnant?

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