Uma Thurman Balances Motherhood & Career

Uma Thurman claims that she can balance motherhood and her career as long as she takes breaks.

“I have booted my career to the back seat for an amount of time but I have always tried to never let it go,” says Thurman.

“I try to get back to work and that is good for me too. When I am ready to go back to work I do. I think work centers me in a certain type of way that almost nothing else does.”

Uma recently revealed that acting helps her relax.

“I’m not very relaxed naturally. I’m one of those highly focused, overly intense characters. I often drive myself nuts,” she said.

“I actually find work can be quite relaxing. When the children were little I wasn’t able to work like I did before.

“So now, when I do work, it’s very much like, ‘This is good, this is my time.’ “