Labor Dance (VIDEO!)

Here is another fun Friday pregnancy video! I am loving these! This woman, who is 38 weeks pregnant with twins, posted a youtube video trying to “dance” her babies out!
The poor thing is desperate – she has had 16 days of contractions, lost her mucus plug, is 4 cm dilated and 7-% effaced. She has been through the ringer and just wants to get things moving! Can you blame her?

the video is super cute and let me tell you, this mama is in wicked good shape. She is dancing all over the place, doing splits and shaking her thang like she is up in the club!

Her daughter is dancing alongside her and the whole video is super cute, not to mention inspiring for mama’s like me who can barely waddle around the store, and I am only pregnant with one baby!

She has now gained 20,000 Facebook fans, but the twins are still inside cooking!

Wishing her the best!

Would you try a labor dance?

Labor Dance