What Team Does Your Favorite Celeb Parent Want To Win The Super Bowl?

American football is a not only loved by everyday parents, but celeb parents too!  They have their favorite teams and get just as passionate as the ‘average’ crazed fan.

Here is a list of celebrity parents and the teams they root for.

Ben Affleck & Matt Damon:  Both Boston native’s and vocal Patriots fan.

Mark Wahlberg: Another Boston native and huge Patriots fan. He is even pals with quarterback Tom Brady.

Steven Tyler: Was spotted wearing a Patriots Jersey at the Pre-Superbowl celebration.

Sir Elton John: Elton John has been a Patriots fan for a long, long time — Patriots owner Robert Kraft said that the singer is a long time family friend.

Melissa Joan Hart: “Making my shopping list for our Super Bowl party! Also planning pranks for our Patriot fan friends!”

Jessica Simpson (Mom-to-Be):  A Giants fan. “We were really sad the Niners aren’t here right now — Eric played for the Niners — but he’s from Boston, so we’re going with the Patriots. And I’m a Cowboys fan, so I cannot root for the Giants!,” Simpson explained to her fans.

Conan O’Brien: Another Patriots fan. He wrote via twitter – “Patriots by 7. This is my pick for the Super Bowl. And for any future U.S. revolutionary wars.”

Gisele Bundchen – Patriots fan! Her husband is Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. She recently asked her friends to pray for Tom Brady and the Patriots win.

Alyssa Milano: A Giants fan. She wrote via twitter – “Let’s go @Giants! Clap, clap, clapclapclap! #SuperBowl here we come!!!!”.

Hmm.. Seems like celeb parents love the Patriots! Who are you rooting for?
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