Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Party Ideas

Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Party Ideas

Are you a football family?  Actually, on second thought, you don’t even need to be a football fan to throw a great Super Bowl party.  If you are wanting to have fun and watch the game, but you want to make sure the kids are included, no worries.  It is actually pretty easy to throw a fantastic, kid-friendly Super Bowl party.  

I have created a little list of kid-friendly Super Bowl Party Ideas for you to look through and get some tips on celebrating on the big day!  Check them out here and don’t forget to let me know how your party goes!

Let the kids decorate.  Let’s face it, no one comes to a Superbowl party for the magazine-worthy decor.  People are there for the food, fun, and football!  Let the kids be in charge of decorating.  Purchase some brown construction paper and let them cut out football shaped designs and place throughout the house.  Give them streamers in the team colors to accent the tables in your house.  Make sure to have a second food table for the kids that they have full decorative control of.  They will love it.

Have a second TV available.  This one is really determined by how old your kids are, but not all kids are entertained by watching an entire football game.  Have a second television available nearby to turn on Caillou at the first sign of a cartoon meltdown.  

Serve a LOT of finger foods.  Finger sandwiches, veggies and dips, crackers and cheese, olives; the food is a huge part of the fun on Superbowl Sunday.  Let the kids help prep the snack table by letting them dump the chips into the bowls (or other similarly simple jobs) and let them snack!  Also, don’t forget dessert.  No celebration is complete without dessert!

Serve snacks out of an overturned football helmet.  Hmmmm….while I would suggest these be brand new (because ewww), serving snacks like chips and crackers to be served out of an upside down helmet is a very fun and novel idea for a service container.  

Provide team-colored duct tape.  Head into the dollar store or the craft section of your local Walmart and grab a couple of rolls of duct tape that are the same colors as the NFL teams that are playing in the big game.  Allow guests to cover the label of their water bottle or other drink with their team colors.  This is great for showing team spirit and also for labeling drinks so as to not share germs.

What are your favorite kid-friendly party ideas?  What do you do to make the kids feel included at a party?