Michelle Williams Daughter Chose Her Oscar Gown

Michelle Williams - The 2012 84th Annual Academy Awards Red Carpet Arrivals PhotosA Night With Marilyn star, Michelle Williams choose her Oscar dress with the help of her six-year-old daughter Matilda.

“Matilda helped me a lot,” she said.

Williams goes on to say that Matilda loved the color of the coral pink Louis Vuitton gown.

“I picked that dress because Matilda loves the color. She loves clothes and picks out her own clothes every morning.”

Michelle recently revealed that she felt as if she “couldn’t manage life” when she was younger.

“Whenever I think about that period of time, I just think it’s amazing that I’m as intact as I am,” she said.

“For the longest time I felt like I was just losing all the time, flailing, losing, flailing, losing. Like I just couldn’t manage life because I was trying, but without any life skills or guidance for it.”

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