The Wiggles Welcome Back Greg Page

The Wiggles Welcome Back Greg Page

If you have kids – chances are they know about The Wiggles. The Australian band are popular with children all over the world. Well, there’s some great news for Wiggles fans today – original member Greg Page is rejoining the group. In other words – he’s getting back into their Big Red Car.

Greg left the band in 2006 due to illness. But he’s returned and couldn’t be happier about pulling on the yellow sweatshirt once again ‘This takes me full circle. I’m excited to be back with my friends and to be entertaining our incredible fans again. I didn’t get a chance to say farewell last time, so this is an opportunity I couldn’t refuse. I’m feeling great and looking forward to doing what I love‘.

Greg was replaced by Sam Moran who is now stepping aside so the old band can get back together. Manager Paul Field says ‘We thank Sam for his wonderful contribution to the group for the past five years. He joined at a difficult time for Greg and the group, and we’re so grateful for all he has done‘.

Sam has nothing but good wishes for his all dancing, all singing former band members ‘I am very proud of my five years as the Yellow Wiggle and the group’s continued success with me as their lead singer. I have enjoyed every minute of my nine years touring with the group, but I now look forward to new opportunities and more time spent with my wife and two year old daughter’.

It’s straight back to work for Greg. The band are putting together a new CD and DVD. After that there’s a tour of their native Australia before heading to the UK and US.