Paul Bettany: “Agnes Is So Lovely”

Paul Bettany at the premiere of "Margin Call" held at the Sunshine Landmark Theatre in New York 10-18-2011Paul Bettany says his 6-month old baby daughter, Agnes with wife Jennifer Connelly is doing well.

“She’s great. She’s beautiful,” the actor gushed on Monday at Montblanc’s 24 Hour Plays on Broadway in NYC.

“I have two boys who adore her. We’ve been blessed by a seven year gap.”

“[Agnes] is so lovely,” he said. “With my oldest, we play a lot of guitar together. With my youngest, at this point, it really is changing her diaper.”

Bettany also bragged that his wife is an amazing mother.

“[Being a parent] needs to be the biggest focus of your life. And it absolutely is the most important, biggest focus of my wife’s life. She is amazing at it. It’s not fake. Everyone says that, but it’s actually really true. It’s the most important thing in her life.”