Kid Friendly Lunch Ideas!

Lunch time often gets really boring in my house. I find myself looking in the cabinet going “what should I feed the kids today? Mac ‘n Cheese or hotdogs..” So, I turned to my trust ol’ noddle and came up with some quick and easy lunch ideas! Enjoy!

*Kid Sushi!
I make these for my daycare kiddos often, they are a huge hit!
-Take any sort of soft taco shell, lay a piece (or two, to fit shell) of lunch meat on shell, put a bit of ranch on and spread around, now sneak in a piece or two of cucumber and carrots (sliced thin). Roll it all together and cut to make pinwheels. My husband cannot get enough of these!

*Spaghetti Salad:
I’m stealing this one from my mom, however, I’m completely revamping it!
-Make a pot of spaghetti noodles. Instead of toping it with your typical sauce, try something different. If you’ve got veggie lovers, try cutting up some favorite veggies and tossing it with Italian dressing, serve cold. If you’ve got fruit lovers, do it with fruit and toss it with a splash of juice. Sounds funky, I’ll admit, but hey, give it a try!

*Banana Tacos:
Another kid favorite!
-Using any soft taco shell, swipe on some peanut butter and jelly and top with a banana! Roll and enjoy! This one is great for an on the go breakfast for an older kiddo, omit the jelly for less mess!

*Pb&J.. twisted!
-It’s easy to even spice up the PB&J, try adding fruit chunks, different flavored jellies or peanut butters. Try different types of bread or even tortillas or flat breads. Peanut butter and Honey is my personal favorite!

*Flat bread sandwiches
-Have your kiddos help you pick out the things they love on their sandwiches.. and for an aditional twist, use flat breads or pita breads instead of boring ol’ bread..  🙂 I do this often for my own lunches! You can also throw any old sandwich on a griddle or in a pan for an extra change of pace. Add some cheese and melt it all together into gooey perfection for an awesome panini!

*Crescent rolls:
-These can be used to make just about anything. Fill them with cheese and peperoni for mini pizza puffs, dip in pizza sauce! Try cream cheese and chicken for a yummy, hot roll! (we stuff the grown up ones with chives and onions!), for a desert like pastry, put a Hersey kiss in the middle with some peanut butter 🙂

*Fruit  bugs:
Let’s face it, making ANYTHING into a bug will entice kids to at least smell it!
-Cut up bananas in large chunks, stick together with peanut butter. Use a large green grape for the head and insert two small pretzel rods for antennas!
-Ants on a log: Raisins atop of celery. Use peanut butter or cream cheese as the filler to keep your ants from falling off!

And for desert?
Juice pops! At most local department stores you can buy make your own Popsicle containers. Using your kiddos favorite juices, fill the container, insert stick and pop into the freezer! Or, do it the simple way and use an ice cube tray, popsicle sticks, favorite juice and you can achieve the same results!

…and with all that said… I’m starving! How about you!?