Johnny Depp Wishes He Could Spend An Anonymous Day With His Kids

Johnny Depp "The Rum Diary" premiere took place at the Cinema Gaumont Marignan in Paris, France on November 8, 2011. Johnny Depp admits his worldwide fame stops him from being able to do a lot of normal things with his two kids, daughter Lily-Rose and son Jack.

When asked what he’d do if he was anonymous for a day he said:

“I’d walk through Disneyland with my kids. That’s what I’d do. I’d go on every ride and let them experience that. When daddy normally walks through Disneyland with them, things get weird.”

Depp admits he does struggle with the attention he receives because of his fame and he finds it difficult to reconcile his public persona with the individual he is at home.

“The attention is a strange thing. If someone appreciates your work it’s always nice when some gives you attention for that. But I’ve never quite understood any of the other forms of attention. Somehow you’ve been voted something for a magazine – it’s a complete mystery to me.

“I wake up and I have to look at that head when I brush my teeth every morning. It’s weird and it’s unpleasant at times.”