Orlando Bloom Wants Be A Hands-On-Dad

Orlando Bloom With FlynnOrlando Bloom wants to be a hands-on parent to his 10-month-old Flynn and admits he can’t be a way from him. Bloom and his Wife Miranda Kerr make sure their schedules don’t overlap, so they can always be together.

“I just don’t want to be away from him – at all. We are trying to schedule our lives so that, when I’m working, Flynn and Miranda can be with me. And if she’s working I can be with them. Being a hands-on parent is important to me.

“Time with my son has pretty much gazumped everything else that makes me happy. We’ll be going to New Zealand soon for ‘The Hobbit’ and they’ll all come with me.”

Orlando explained while he is still a fan of extreme sports, he has curbed his passion for thrill-seeking activities since becoming a father.

“I’m much more conscious of my health and safety. I still ride a motorbike and go mountain biking, but I’m quite aware that I do not want to kill myself here. I don’t want to take any risks.”