David Beckham’s Son Cruz Swears In Spanish

David Beckham has revealed his youngest son Cruz can say swear words in Spanish.

Beckham who was playing for Spanish side Real Madrid when his youngest son was born said:

“Cruz was born in Spain and he’s got that personality where he walks around saying, ‘I’m Spanish.’ I’ll say, ‘Go on then, say something in Spanish,’ and he’ll come out with a swear word. I’m like, ‘Oh no, where did you learn that?'”

Beckham also revealed Cruz steals his aftershave and slaps it on before going to school.

“I take the boys to school in the mornings and make their breakfast before they go. The other day I was making breakfast when all of a sudden I got a strong whiff of DB Homme. Cruz had literally sprayed himself from head-to-toe. I told him, ‘Miss Bernard (his teacher) is going to love you today.’