Missing Baby Lisa’s Mom Debbie Bradley: ‘We Have Absolutely Nothing to Hide’

Missing Baby Lisa's Mom: 'We Have Absolutely Nothing to Hide'The feature story is all about Deborah Bradley and her fiancé Bill Irwin and their missing daughter, Lisa.  When Bill got home from work he found his 10 month old daughter missing and Deborah who was drunk at the time claims she does not know what happened to Lisa.  Since Lisa’s disappearance investigators have tried to find out what happened to the little girl.

People Magazine has more “The spotlight has fallen on Irwin, 29, and Bradley, 25, who says she volunteered to take a lie detector test but that when she took it she was “terrified and nervous and worried about my daughter. They told me I failed.  We have absolutely nothing to hide,” says Bradley. “Let them search all they want, but do not take the focus off finding my daughter.”

If you have been following this story it is horrible.  Lisa’s mother Deborah did not initially admit she was drinking.  However, when she was caught on video earlier in the day she came clean and admitted she drank five glasses of wine and may have passed out.  What kind of mother does! She also failed a polygraph test!   This story seems so much like the Casey Anthony story.  I hope this time the ending is better and they find poor Lisa.  What are your thoughts?  Have you been covering the story?  Sound out in the comments below!

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