Christina Aguilera’s Son Max Makes Her Happy

Singer Christina Aguilera picks up her son Max from preschool in Brentwood. April 1, 2011Christina Aguilera admits her own happiness depends on that of her son Max, and she loves nothing more than relaxing at home with him.

“The best thing about being a mom is seeing my son Max smile every day. He is truly the love of my life and knowing that he’s happy makes me happy,” she said.

“A great deal of my happiness revolves around my son. The best days are when I just get to lay in bed with him, get cosy in the blankets and watch a classic Disney movie like Alice in Wonderland.”

Christina admits she is very different at home to her glamorous public persona but feels it is important to express both sides of herself.

“When I’m at home being a mom I’m in my sweatpants,” she said.

“There are two different sides of me, the side of me that will sing my son to sleep at night and be a mommy in bed, cuddling with him and then there’s the side of me that gets out on stage and is quite the extrovert and the artist.

“It’s always important for me to express that side of myself as well.”

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