Brad Pitt Has A Normal Family

Brad Pitt insists his family of six children with Angelina Jolie is ‘normal’.

“We’re a normal family, a mother and father, and the kids get unruly! The kids are fantastic and say the funniest things I’ve ever heard,” he said.

Pitt always makes sure he spends one on one time with each of his six children to ensure their individual needs are fulfilled.

“But the most important thing for us is to make sure we carve out time for them, that we get group time and one on one time because it’s our responsibility to show them around and help shape them. So I guess the only thing I can say is that it’s fatherhood first, family first, and then I slip in the work.”

Pitt and his partner Angelina Jolie take their children wherever their careers take them.

“It works for us. The family becomes the core. The places they get to see they may not understand at this early age but it’s seeping into their consciousness. We’re in an international schooling program, so wherever you go, it’s the same curriculum,” he added.