Sarah Michelle Gellar: It’s Hard Being a Working Parent

Sarah Michelle Gellar: It's Hard Being a Working Parent

Sarah Michelle Gellar, 34, who has a 23-month-old daughter Charlotte with husband Freddie Prinze Jr finds it difficult juggling being a mother and having a career.

She said: “It’s been difficult. My hat goes off to any working parent. It is the hardest to juggle.  I know my job is by no means the hardest in the world, but to any parents, again, it is so difficult because you’re trying to focus so hard but you’re always wondering, ‘What’s my child doing? Are they OK? Did they eat their lunch? Did they eat their vegetables? Did they take their nap?’ It’s how to separate both them.”

Sarah is pictured above on the set off her new CW series “Ringer”. Sarah  stars as “Bridget” alongside Ioan Gruffudd’s character “Andrew Martin” and the two came together on a Los Angeles beach to film takes for the upcoming show.

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