Nahla’s Silly-Goose Mood

Nahla's Silly-Goose Mood

Nahla Aubry was in a silly-goose mood yesterday when her mother picked her up from preschool. The lil’ girl left her preschool making funny faces while holding her momma’s hand.

Take that, paparazzi! That’s what you get for stalking her school everyday, borderline ridiculous faces. Yeah, she’s scowling at you guys *winks*.

Just a few days ago we saw Halle give the photogs some major attitude. Once Nahla caught wind of them after being picked up by her mother, she too became very anti-paparazzi. I think they’re just getting a lil’ fed up with it all. Go somewhere else, photogs. Quite frankly, I’m getting bored always seeing them exiting the school LOL. So y’all should really try and find a different spot to seek out your Halle-Berry-Nahla-Aubry-Gabriel-Aubry action.

At the end of this week, Nahla will go on a one-week summer vacation. Dang, and I thought my vacation was short! Guess that’s the academic life of the rich and famous!