Blankets By Max Daniel Designs: If Celeb Moms Have ’em, So Should YOU!

Max Daniel Designs Blankets: If Celeb Moms Have 'em, So Should YOU!

Max Daniel Designs apparently has a line of some pretty fantastic blankets. We know they’re borderline amazing because, well, the celeb moms have ’em. And if the celeb moms deem them worthy enough to be wrapped around their lil’ baby nuggets, then so should you.

(From what I’ve read) The blankets are crazy soft, warm, luxurious, and . . . wait for it . . . MACHINE WASHABLE! Which means your lil’ bundle of joy can barf on it, spit on it, throw food on it, etc. etc. all he/she wants. Yay, right?

These blankets are popular among some of Hollywood’s biggest A-listers, including: Jennifer GarnerNicole Kidman, and Jennifer Lopez. The blankets aren’t cheap, but they’re not totally outrageous either. A quality satin baby throw will run you about $58.00. Not that bad, right, for a quality blanket that will last through entire babyhood? You can also get adult sizes, too. Cute, huh? Y’all can be matching 🙂

Blankets by Max Daniel Designs are: Machine washable, manufactured in the U.S., come in a variety of cool animal or plain prints, and are totally baby approved (duh!)

So there you have it. Hop on over to MAX DANIEL DESIGNS to get one of the hottest baby blanks on the market! Don’t forget to come back next Tuesday for another installment of IF CELEB MOMS HAVE ‘EM, SO SHOULD YOU!