Ivanka Trump Enjoying Motherhood

Ivanka Trump and Daughter Arabella RoseIvanka Trump is loving everyday of motherhood with her daughter Arabella Rose.

“The most fun part of being a mother so far is watching Arabella grow and experience different things every day; It is also the hardest part though!”  she tells.

“I feel like she will be out of the house and off to college before Jared and I know it.”

Trump says she takes time to enjoy the everyday moments she shares with Arabella Rose.

“It is easy to want to talk on the phone or read the paper while feeding a baby, but taking a break and enjoying those everyday moments is extremely rewarding,” she shares.

She also explains why the reason she name her daughter Arabella Rose.

“I have always loved the name Arabella, and Jared’s grandmothers had names beginning with an A and an R,”

”We wanted to pay a subtle homage to those two strong and wonderful women while also adopting a name that was very unique. Plus, we thought that the initials — ARK — were cool!”