Billy Bob Thornton Goes To The Studio With Daughter Bella

Billy Bob Thornton Goes To The Studio With Daughter Bella

Actor Billy Bob Thornton was seen taking his daughter Bella to the studio yesterday. The father-daughter duo happily held hands and beamed brightly as mom/wife, Connie Angland, followed not far behind them while conversing with a lady friend.

Their destination was a studio in Century City, California. We’re not entirely sure as to the reason for the visit, but it could have been to do voice over work; Billy Bob lends his voice to one of the characters in the upcoming Puss In Boots movie, a Shrek spin-off.

The actor is also hard at work with his band The Boxmasters. Thornton describes the band’s sound as a fusion of “full-on punk electric hillbilly.”

I originally had this huge long rant written on how I’d never in a million years want to listen to one of their songs (honestly, I just like making fun of Celeb-actors who think they can sing). However, I couldn’t bring myself to post it after actually listening to one of their songs . . . which actually wasn’t all that bad. Despite my complete and utter disdain for Country-ish music and all things Bluegrass, I’ll admit that it was tolerable (but not incredibly enjoyable :)).

Take a listen by CLICKING HERE and tell us what you think of ol’ Billy Bob! I bet lil’ Bella is daddy’s biggest fan.