Will Caylee’s Death Make Casey A Celebrity?

Will Caylee's Death Make Casey A Celebrity

Now that the Casey Anthony trial is over, the media is in a frenzy to determine Casey’s next steps.  Dr. Drew spoke with his experts to discuss whether or not Casey Anthony will cash in on her notoriety with the book deals, movie deals, and paid interviews that will inevitably be on the table for Casey.

Jane Velez-Mitchell, host of HLN’s “Issues” pointed out that Casey may not listen to her attorney’s wishes to lay low:

“She’s a young woman who her parents couldn’t control. And certainly she listened to her attorneys ’cause her life was on the line. Now that her life is not on the line, and remember she’s been in solitary confinement for about three years, that means she’s been alone for 23 hours a day. Her whole life was motivated by the desire to go out partying, that’s what got her into this jam in first place. So the idea that she’s going to remain just absolutely quiet and under wraps, that may hold for a while, but eventually she’s going to get the itch to go out there and I think we are going to see her.”

xt-align: justify;”>What do you think? Will Casey lay low, or go for the fame and the fortune?