Kristen Stewart on Playing a Pregnant Teen

Kristen Stewart on Playing a Pregnant Teen
Kristen Stewart
, the 21-year-old who plays Bella Swan in the Twilight series, recently revealed at Comic-Con that in the new Twilight, her role as a pregnant teen was the ‘most real’. Since most of the movie consists of vampires and werewolves, the pregnancy is most likely the most relatable aspect of Breaking Dawn: Part 1, set for release November 18.

When Stewart was asked what excperiences she used to pull from in order to act out Swan’s horrendous pregnancy to a half-vampire/half-human mutant, the star said,  “Hah. I’ve been asked recently what it’s like to play such a far-fetched story. This story feels the most real in terms of what can happen to you in your life At 18.. it’s so very very possible [to be pregnant].”

With stars like Bristol Palin, and MTVs seemingly endless string of shows about teen pregnancy, K-Stew has a point. The baby out of wedlock is most likely the part that is the least “far-fetched.”

“It’s hard to talk to you about this,” Kristen said, motioning to the pregnanct reporter who asked the question. “I didn’t have any experiences drawn.. there ya go!”