Kate Hudson Seeks Baby Nurse in Order to Get Sleep

Kate Hudson recently gave birth and is now experiencing a common problem for new moms: trying to get at least a few hours of sleep each night. Now Kate is calling on a baby nurse so that she can get some sleep. Kate’s schedule is very busy with work and her two other kids, so drastic times call for desperate measures.

“A few nights ago at 10:30 pm Kate called the hospital asking for a baby nurse. The request of a baby nurse was solely to help Kate help her sleeping pattern which has been drastically affected since she has had her new child,” a nurse from Cedar-Sinai stated.

Hopefully Kate’s lack of sleep won’t lead her to take it out on her fiance, Matt Bellamy.

“She has had no sleep whatsoever since leaving the hospital, but she has been seeking as much help as possible for her recent child birth,” assured the nurse.

Kate stepped out for the first time after giving birth two days ago in Malibu with Matt to get a caffeine fix. The actress, who is usually cheery and always smiling, looked puffy-eyed and exhausted. It looked pretty obvious that the starlet was suffering from sleep deprivation.