Denise Richards’s New Adopted Baby, Eloise Joni

Denise Richards's New Adopted Baby, Eloise Joni

Denise Richards is giddy as can be when talking about her five-week-old daughter, Eloise Joni, who she recently adopted. After a two year long wait, the mom finally has her new child in her arms. With two children from a previous marriage (that “Sheen” marriage), Denise isn’t a newcomer to motherhood, but I suspect each new child comes with its challenges.

“She’s brought so much joy, and I love her to pieces,” says the 40-year-old actress. “She is a cuddle bug. She loves being hugged and held. She’s such a beautiful little baby and little soul.”

On the adoption process, which is an arduous one, Denise had this to say: “There were times I felt discouraged, times when I got close to adopting a baby and it fell through. But I knew the right baby would find us.”

And it looks like she did find you! Good luck raising your new baby girl, Ms. Richards! Above, Denise Richards holds her new baby girl in a loving pose.

Image Credit to: US Weekly