Maci Bookout Wants ‘Normal Life’ For Her Son

Maci Bookout Wants 'Normal Life' For Her Son

Maci Bookout AKA “a Teen Mom” has recently said that she doesn’t want her son growing up in the limelight — after being surrounded by cameras all his life (all two years of it), she doesn’t want that kind of life for him.

No more reality TV for baby Bentley . . . He’s heading into early retirement.

I don’t want to steal his childhood . . . I don’t know if being on TV in elementary school would be difficult for him. I want him to have a normal life.”

This sounds perfectly reasonable to me!

“I think there’ll come a time when he’ll be like, ‘Mom, we’re not normal! Why does everyone want to take my picture? Why does everyone know my name, but I don’t know them?'”

But she also recognizes the fact that the hit reality TV show has been a blessing in many ways.

“Without the show, I would’ve had to have a full-time job and be in school full-time and rarely ever get to spend time with Bentley. . . It’s been difficult, but it’s also been a big blessing.”

Godspeed, Maci! I commend you for sacrificing that $60,000 paycheck (per season of Teen Mom) for the betterment of your son’s future!

Image Credit to: GSI Media