Happy Father’s Day

It’s the one time of the year that kids along with the rest of the world take a moment to appreciate what their fathers have d0ne for them. While mothers normally get all the credit for keeping the family running, dads rarely get any credit for what they contribute. While the day is spent in many different ways by everyone, the message is universal.

Kim Kardashian explained on her blog how the day is “always bittersweet” for her. Between her late father, Robert, and her loving stepdad Bruce Jenner.  We can imagine that the holiday is an interesting one for the Kardashians. While most of us commoners either celebrate or mourn our fathers, some celebrities have to do all they can to get through the day without getting pummeled by the media.

One prime example is none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, who doesn’t seem to be winning any daddy awards this year. Howie Mandel, who faced a fake paternity scandal, took a jab at the Terminator on Twitter. “Amazing fathers day surprise. Just found out that one of my children was fathered by pool man. I got coupon for $62 off next month service,” he tweeted today.

While some Hollywood families are spinning out of control, we take today to recognize what fathers have helped their kids grow up in the eyes of the media, for good or for bad. Celebrity fathers like Will Smith and Billy Ray Cyrus have helped their kids to follow in their steps, while others like Johnny Depp and Marc Anthony keep their kids out of the spotlight.

Happy Father’s Day!

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