Arnold Schwarzenegger and Son Patrick Grab Lunch

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Son Patrick Grab Lunch

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his 17-year-old son Patrick (far right) grabbed lunch at Umami Burger in Santa Monica yesterday. Even though much controversy has been surrounding the family recently, things seemed to run smoothly between the two. While they showed up in seperate cars, they left the burger joint together.

Patrick Tweeted about the lunch stating, “bout to grab an unami burger which is the best! Going with a few of the CHP officers that worked with my fam for last 7 years. Cant wait!” Seems that everything has been repaired since Patrick changed his name on Twitter to Patrick Shriver (Maria’s, his mother, last name) after finding out about his father’s love child.

Patrick, a rising entrepreneur, just returned from a trip to NYC and seems to be in good spirits. He shared via Twitter that while on the trip, he was looking forward to some good NY pizza and also attending numerous meetings. It probably was also a plus to get a break from all the drama and paparazzi that Los Angeles has had in for the Schwarzenegger family this month. While in NYC, he also made sure to make a stop at the newly famous Dylan’s Candy Bar.

Patrick Tweeted, “on my way home right now to LA and i got on a flight 1 hour earlier and bumped up to 1st class! #lucky.” After good fortunes on his trip, he also claims to be looking forward to summer. ”Home sweet home. Quick trip, now back at home and get to see the family and friends and prepare for summer!” he claimed.


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