Mother Of Arnold Schwarzeneggar’s Love Child Betrayed By Family!


Mildred Patty Baena, who has been on the secret Arnold Schwarzeneggar payroll for the past 20 years – since she was impregnated and then gave birth to Arnie’s son – has little reason to betray his ex-lover. She and her son have been well cared for and have kept their mouths shut – in fact Mildred stayed on the housekeeping staff for Maria Shriver for 20 years while all the while harbouring the great secret.

The problem is that Mildred’s extended family has not been greased by Arnie. So they are taking this opportunity to rat out Mildred to any tabloid that comes along with a few bucks!

‘Father’ of Arnold Shwarzenegger Love Child Speaks

In fact, according to a direct family member Mildred is shocked – she didn’t expect her own family to cash in at her and her son’s expense. Just goes to show what Mildred knows… .

In addition to the money, Mildred feels these family members are just telling flat-out lies. The relative spoken with says Mildred thinks that the main culprit is the ex-wife of a family member.

Frankly what does Mildred expect? Does she think that her ex-in law will turn down easy money to protect her?

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