Botox Mom ‘I have never given my daughter Botox’

botox mom

TMZ reported that they recieved a sworn declaration, which was written by Sheena Upton. In the declaration, Upton says that she was approched by a Britished tabloid, The Sun, and was asked “to play the role of Kerry Campbell for a story they wrote called I Give My 8-Year-Old Daughter Botox.” Sheena claims that The Sun paid her $200 to portray the role of the awful mother and said, “”I was provided with the story, instructions and a script to follow for a recorded interview.”

After the story was posted in The Sun, Good Morning AmericaandInside Editionapproached her and offered her a “large fee” to appear on camera regarding this story. She agreed, and was in turn paid $10,000 for her GMA appearence. After that appearence, child welfare stepped in and took Upton’s daughter away, because they were unaware that this was a planted story.

In the declaration, Upton admits, “The truth is I have never given my daughter Botox, nor allowed her to get any type of waxing, nor is she a beauty pageant contestant.” The professionals agreed with the declaration due to the fact that she took her daughter to the UCLA Medical Center and said, “After my daughter received a full medical exam, the results indicated that she has not ever received treatments including Botox or other such injections.” The results were sent to child welfare officals, and then the girl was returned to Upton. The one acception they left her with is that a cousin will have to stay with her and her daughter for the time being.

“Good Morning America is solely interested in getting to the truth and will share with our audience any new information that we find,” a report confirms. GMA is probably doing damage control and trying to scoop up the truth behind the story.