Did Sarah Palin Lie To America? Is Bristol Palin The Mother Of Trig? Professor Says ‘Yes!’


A fascinating Sarah Style Scandal emerges as Sarah Palin faces renewed claims that she lied to the American public and tricked them into believing she was pregnant with Trig when in fact the child was her daughter’s.

An American academic, Professor Bradford Scharlott, of Northern Kentucky University has claimed that all evidence points clearly to the fact that Trig is Bristol’s child!

Rumours first emerged that Palin’s teenage daughter, Bristol, is the real mother of four-month-old Trig in 2008.   Trig, who has Down’s syndrome was born in April that year, before Palin launched her run for vice president.

After conducting a new analysis of the available evidence, Professor Bradford Scharlott of Northern Kentucky University has claimed that the conspiracy theory is likely to be true.

At the time, political bloggers pointed to the 44-year-old Alaska governor’s slim figure in photographs taken when she was supposedly seven months pregnant and the fact that she returned to work just three days after giving birth.
Since then, and in the face of vehement denials from Sarah, the rumour has persisted, although it has not been subject to rigorous scientific examination.

Of course a simple DNA test of Trig, Bristol, and Sarah would put all rumors to bed – so do it Sarah!