Willow Smith Talks About Career and Family Life In The Teen Vogue

Willow Smith In Teen Vogue
Daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, Willow Smith, 10, appears in the March 2011 issue of Teen Vogue. Willow sits down with teen vogue and when asked about Justin Bieber she admits she does not have a crush on him, rather he is like a brother to her. Below is a glimpse of the interview – visit Teen Vogue for the rest.

On her hit Whip My Hair and its positive message: “When I first put [‘Whip My Hair’] out, everyone was like, ‘Willow, Willow, I love your song!’ And I was like, ‘Really?’ Whipping your hair means not being afraid to be yourself. If people don’t like you, then bunck them, you know?”

On her parents inspiring her interest in music: “I used to go on tour with my mom and dad and see what they were doing, and I’d tell them, ‘Oh, I wanna do that, I wanna do that. Whenever I don’t feel like working, they say, ‘You don’t want that career? You have to work hard. They think I should keep working harder and harder.”

On growing up in the Smith household: “It’s pretty much a regular family. At dinner we talk about ‘What did you do today? What did you wear today?’ Not anything about work. They aren’t strict. They won’t be like, ‘Willow, clean up your room!’ They’ll be like, ‘Willow, will you please clean up your room?’ And I’ll be like, ‘OK,’ and do it.”